Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I getting a statement from Motion Medical?

A: Motion Medical provides braces and orthopedic supplies that were prescribed by your physician. You received this product either at your physician's office, a hospital, or a surgery center. As a courtesy to you the patient, Motion Medical has filed this claim to your insurance carrier. The balance due is most likely the result of deductibles and co-pays which are your responsibility to pay.

Q: Why did I get only one brace but my insurance was billed for more than one code?

A: Some braces, even though they appear to be one piece, are billed as components based on standards mandated by Medicare.

Q: What is a deductible?

A: This is the contractual obligation you have with your insurance company which designates a specific amount that must be paid by you before your insurance benefits will apply.

Q: What does "co-pay" or "co-insurance" mean?

A: This is the percentage the patient is responsible for according to their policy on each medical service or product received after their insurance company has processed the claim. This co-pay is different than the co-pay that you paid for your doctor's visit or surgery.

Q: DId the amount I paid to my physician include my brace?

A: No, these are two separate charges billed by two separate entities.