Motion Medical, located in Birmingham, Alabama is a nationwide distributor of orthopedic bracing solutions and specialty soft goods. Established in 1989, Motion Medical provides excellent customer care to over 500 corporate customers as well as over 80,000 patients. Our philosophy is to treat every customer, whether corporate or individual, with respect while providing the highest quality orthopedic products at a fair price.

Motion Medical is a distributor for over sixteen manufacturers of quality products. Ninety percent of these products are manufactured in the United States. All products are stocked in Birmingham, Alabama to ensure a quick turnaround for delivery on products your organization needs.

Our product lines include everything from arm slings and wrist splints to specialty items such as custom ACL, Osteoarthritis knee braces, and custom AFOs. We have a wide selection of spinal bracing, from custom TLSOs to off-the-shelf back supports. Other products include bracing solutions from Townsend Design, Corflex, New Options Sports, Active Ice Cold Compression Therapy, Hope Orthopedic, OrthoCare, epX, AquaShield, Darco, Hely-Weber, AirGel, and Lohmann+Rausher.

In addition to our distribution arm, Motion Medical has a Durable Medical Equipment Supply Management division. Products are placed in physician's offices and clinics as well as hospitals and surgery centers. Products are dispensed to patients based on the physician's prescription. Motion Medical then bills the patient's insurance carrier as a courtesy to the patient. This program ensures that the patient receives a quality brace that fits well and performs as the physician intended. We have taken the traditional "stock and bill" program and added enhanced features then built in customization options for a program that will improve any practice's bottom line.

Motion Medical has 4 sales representatives that are experts in customer care. Our staff includes two Certified Orthotic Fitters, a Certified Pedorthist as well as a Certified Athletic Trainer. The staff at Motion Medical has an average of 18 years of healthcare experience specializing in direct patient care in the area of orthotics and all orthopedic bracing.